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Watercolor Workshop : Steve Rogers Painting Reflections and Boats in Watercolor

Time: November 2 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Number of Classes/Day: Saturday & Sunday
End Date: Nov 3
Register By: Sept 19
Ages: 21+
Venue: Peggy Burruss Art Studio
Cost: $350
Instructor: Steve Rogers

Painting Boats and Reflections in Transparent Watercolor will include demonstrations by me every day as well as lessons on Light and Shadow, Color, Painting Beautiful Darks, and of course, Understanding and Painting Reflections. The goal of my workshop is to encourage each artist to advance his or her own vision and to improve the skills necessary to communicate that in watercolor. There will be plenty of painting time, individual help and lots of fun along the way!

Supply List : 1 2024 SUPPLY LIST

$100 off if you sign up for Janet Rogers Workshop as well.  Please email, Kelli Johnson at [email protected] for more information.  


Steve Rogers : My purpose, as a REPRESENTATIONAL ARTIST is to portray the beauty of light and color in God’s world as I experience it within my heart. These images are a series of watercolors I have painted since my first trip to the Mediterranean in 1992. On this and subsequent trips I have been able to paint this beautiful land not as one who sees it every day, but as a “visitor”, who is awestruck by something fresh and new and at the same time very ancient

I believe I can most honestly say what I want to with my brush and “juicy” watercolor paint. Beginners and advanced painters alike will learn about light and color and the way watercolor behaves through “mini-demos” of paint application, “dealing with dark values in watercolor”, “secrets of painting reflections” etc. and how these operate in my full painting demonstrations. Lots of student painting time along with personal help is available every day. We will all learn a lot and have fun painting.

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