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Special Art Talks Session with Parker Michels-Boyce and Jeremy Keesee

Joy & Lynch Christian Warehouse Theatre
May 24, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

Art Talks is an opportunity for the community to hear from the artists who are a part of the Academy’s network of artists. Each art talk will feature a different artist or artists who are either being showcased in the Academy’s galleries, on our stage, or are doing interesting work in our community. The artist/s will share their process, perspective, and story.

Join us next Wednesday, May 24, 2017, and enjoy a special Art Talks session with photographers Parker Michels-Boyce and Jeremy Keesee from 5:30-6:00pm in the Art Gallery as they discuss their joint exhibit.

Academy Center of the Arts

Elon Road
Parker Michels-Boyce
Digital photographs, 2015-2016

This project was born out of a moment. Driving along State Route 130 one fall weekend, I pulled over to take a photo of some wild grasses glowing in the late afternoon sun. As I looked around and breathed the fresh country air, I decided I’d have to come back to that area and shoot again soon. Over the next twelve months, I came back 40 times, watching the landscape slowly change from season to season and noticing all the new scenes that emerged as the sun’s path slowly shifted.

I have been a resident of Central Virginia since 2010 and the stretch of road from Madison Heights to Glasgow—Elon Road—is something of a microcosm for the region as I have experienced it. The road connects small communities, flanks the James River, cuts through rolling farmland, and winds up into the mountains on the edge of Amherst County. For me, this project was a meditation, an exercise in clearing my mind and seeing the world around me in new a light each day.


Explore Everything
Jeremy Keesee
Digital photographs

I use photography as a vehicle to not only express myself visually but also to open myself up to the world around me. #exploreeverything is a hashtag I came across on Instagram that resonated with me early on; while the statement is simple the sentiment goes much deeper. Explore everything—not just the subjects and places that are beautiful in a conventional sense, but also the obscure and overlooked. Maintaining this mindset allows me to find inspiration in my surroundings wherever I go.

Learn more at academycenter.org/gallery

PARKING: There is construction on Main Street but there is still plenty of parking. You can park in the Academy’s Lower Parking Lot from Commerce Street, at the Holiday Inn Parking Garage across the street, the Pacific Life parking lot (the one next to the mural).

Joy & Lynch Christian Warehouse Theatre
May 24, 2017 @ 5:30 pm


The Academy Center of the Arts has always put our patrons, our supporters, and our community members first. That’s why, when COVID-19 began to spread throughout the region, we closed our doors ahead of official governing regulations, and why we continue to put tremendous thought into when and how we will reopen those doors to the public in the future.


Following Governor Northam’s Executive Order No. 65, we are officially releasing our plans to reopen our educational and gallery venues, as well as our guidelines for reopening our performance venues in the future.

Learn more by visiting the link below.