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Technique Workshop : European scene with an art wedge

Time: July 29, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Venue: Peggy Burruss Art Studio
Cost: $35
Instructor: Alice Glass

Technique Workshop : European Scene with an art wedge

Class participants will use a catalyst wedge #6 silicone tool that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand to paint a European Street Scene. The wedge brings you closer to your work and allows you to apply acrylic paint in a smooth manner. I love this tool because it allows me to apply long smooth lines of paint for my buildings, and thick or thin coats of paint can be applied on top of layers to give contrast and texture to buildings. The wedge is flexible and can be easily manipulated to perfect the look of the street scene. I also use brushes to infill or define certain details for a finished look.

All supplies provided.

Instructor: Alice Glass

Raised in a family brimming with commercial and fine artists, Alice has always had a deep love for art, but didn’t start painting until early 2015. Her first experimental paintings gave way to a variety of subject matter including abstracts, florals, landscapes, Mediterranean villages, beaches, still life, and commissioned pieces of family houses and pets. Alice’s work features bright and colorful acrylic paint on canvas, and most of her work is produced exclusively with her favorite selection of brushes and wedges. Alice’s style is to quickly create her subject matter with broad painterly strokes leaving thick, expressive bands and pods of colors mixed on her palette board as well as the canvas itself. In less than nine years, Alice has created more than 1500 paintings in a variety of sizes with her artwork displayed in several regional galleries, and has coordinated a dozen one-woman shows. A 37 year resident of Lynchburg and a 1980 graduate of Mary Baldwin College, more than 700 pieces of Alice’s artwork can be found in the homes of more than 350 collectors.

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