Is there any workplace drama in your office? This workshop could be a good fit for your team. Find out whose personalities are more dominant than others. Who is a born leader? Which of your team members are more introverted? By determining the personalities in your workforce, you can begin to better understand what to expect from your team members and their ability to communicate effectively.

Prior to the start of your scheduled workshop, an enneagram assessment will be sent to each team member for discussion by our facilitator. After each member submits their results, our facilitator will spend a portion of the workshop analyzing your team’s data, quantifying the makeup in enneagram types amongst your team, and explaining the good, the bad, and the ugly of each type.

After learning more about each team member’s personality type, your Improv teacher will use this knowledge to present several different improv exercises in smaller groups, ending in a larger team exercise. In the end, your team will be led in a final discussion, analyzing each team member’s contribution, how it affected the role-playing between the team, and how understanding your personality traits in the workplace can lead to a better understanding of each other.  

Improvisation Examples:

Yes, And – the art of building off of each other

Pan Left – actors are given directions to guide them through this interactive game of changing channels quickly

Powerpoint Karaoke – actors are asked to present on slides they have never seen before, giving a full presentation with a partner

Meet Our Facilitator

Carrie Wright – Workshop Facilitator

Carrie is a consultant, speaker, and writer, with professional experience in business, marketing, and strategy and educational training in career counseling and planning. Her passion is guiding people to their key strengths and finding ways to cultivate growth and development of individuals, teams, and organizations, and she specializes in effective communication skills.

Time & Costs:

2-hour Workshop – $60 per person (Minimum of 10 participants)

To learn more, contact Tabitha Abbott, Director of Operations, by email at [email protected].