April is National Volunteer Month, and before the month is out, we here at The Academy want to spotlight our amazing volunteers who help make Academy events possible!

If you’ve ever been to an event at The Academy, you’ve probably interacted with one of our volunteers. Most often, they can be found scanning your tickets at the door or serving as ushers to help you find your seats.

Each month, Academy volunteers collectively donate hundreds of hours. So what’s it like to be a volunteer here? We talked to two of our most active volunteers to find out!


Steve has been volunteering with The Academy since September 2022, when he worked the Will Call table for Ricky Skaggs.

What inspired you to volunteer at the Academy?

The Academy has been a boarded up abandoned building for most of the time we’ve lived in Lynchburg. Once it finally reopened I realized what a gem we had and I thought it would be fun to volunteer there. Now that I’m involved, I’ve realized what a wonderful organization it is, and I’m just trying to help it succeed and to help provide a good experience to the many people who come to visit or see a show there.

What’s been your favorite event so far?

I can’t say I’ve had a favorite event that I volunteered at. It’s the variety of events I’ve been able to see that’s been fun.

What’s your favorite part of being a volunteer at The Academy?

It’s always fun when people come up to me and say, “when did you start volunteering here” or “I didn’t know you volunteered here”. So it’s been a great way to reconnect with people post pandemic. It’s also been a great to meet and work with a whole new group of interesting people, so it’s that interaction that’s my favorite part of volunteering.


Valerie has been volunteering with the Academy since early 2019, not long after the official re-opening of the historic theatre.

What first inspired you to volunteer here/what inspires you to keep coming back?
I really enjoy being helpful and had been volunteering at other community theaters for a number of years. I thought it would be fun on a grander scale to volunteer at the Academy, and it has been! The feeling of family among the Academy staff and the other volunteers is what inspires me to keep coming back.

Favorite event you’ve volunteered at?
All the events have been wonderful so I have a hard time choosing a favorite. I love the performing arts in general and come away from each production with a deep appreciation for the artists’ talent. I have had a lot of fun working at the Art in Motion bus events. It’s been fun to watch the children (and sometimes adults) complete the day’s craft project.

What’s your favorite part of being a volunteer?

I like being a part of the team, making sure things run smoothly for the productions, being a positive representative of the Academy, and being helpful. It has also been nice getting to know the other volunteers.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering at the Academy?

I work full-time as a Speech-Language Pathologist at Centra’s Autism & Developmental Services clinic.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Volunteering at the Academy is a great privilege for me. I feel a deep sense of responsibility for the physical plant whenever I am serving and want the patrons to feel welcome and well served in this beautiful space. And, let’s be honest, the shows are phenomenal!

Become a Volunteer

Becoming a Volunteer at The Academy is easy! And, if you’re a student, is a great way to fulfill volunteer requirements.

You can volunteer on a per-event basis, or commit to volunteering on a more regular schedule.

Ways to get involved include:

  • Help with our annual fundraising events
  • Be a host at First Fridays by greeting guests or serving wine
  • Serve as event support for shows throughout the year, and, as thanks, see shows for free
  • Help with theatre productions behind the scenes with set design, lightboard, soundboard, painting, and carpentry
  • Serve as a summer theatre camp helper
  • Assist at Academy in Motion community events
  • Become a weekly front desk receptionist
  • Assist us as support for large administrative mailings
  • Hanging up posters for Academy events throughout Lynchburg
  • Take photos of Academy events, programs, and shows

Ready to get involved? Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form today!