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Bold Expressive Florals with Advanced Artist Donna Downey

Time: August 10, 2023 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Number of Classes/Day: Thursday and Friday
End Date: Aug. 11
Venue: Peggy Burruss Art Studio
Cost: $400
Instructor: Donna Downey

Join Artist Donna Downey from North Carolina for a unique opportunity to learn in her advanced painting workshop!

The freedom of expression. This is the powerful, yet simple truth we explore as artists when we put paint to canvas. In this workshop, you will learn to develop a strong composition, loosen your brushwork, how and when to load up your brush with paint and use value to develop dramatic juxtapositions of shadow and light.

In my own artistic journey, flowers have represented freedom. This course was developed to share how painting flowers comes without boundaries! Artists are allowed to paint in all shapes and sizes and an infinite amount of colors. Paint them with a bit of whimsy, exaggerate the lean of the stems or add a fallen bloom resting beside the vase (a little something I commonly add into my floral pieces).

I want you to feel absolute creative freedom as I guide you towards painting loosely and with unbounding joy. You will leave with two beautiful expressive floral paitings!

Course will focus on:

  • Developing strong composition
  • The art of the painted sketch
  • Mapping your color choices
  • Working dark to light when layering color
  • Making the background an integral part of your design
  • Understanding the cause and effect relationship with subject and background
  • Using shadow and light to understand the importance of value in your art
  • Keeping loose and staying loose!!


Bold Expressive Florals Description & Supply List


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Bold expressive florals

Bold expressive florals

bold expressive florals

Artist : Donna Downey

Empowering artists to take creative risks and realize their creative potential.

I consider myself to be on a creative journey that continues to surprise me every time I step in front of my canvas. My paintings continue to evolve in style and technique, but one thing stays constant: I am in love with painting the human figure. I use unfinished lines and painterly strokes to express the emotional vulnerability of human existence in everyday life. The impermanence and fragility of life is the essential focus of my work.

I love to experiment with either a monochromatic palette or an explosion of vibrant colors, depending on my mood. The process of applying paint to canvas is an emotional experience for me and I even find it a bit sexy. Exploring the use of shadow and light as a push and pull of interest for the viewer is a constant theme in my art. I often start each painting with a simple concept or idea in mind then I start placing color throughout the canvas, letting the colors intuitively reveal the composition. The paintings develop in response to the energy created between myself and the paint. I use painting as a meditation and I deeply enjoy the never ending challenge to evoke a particular mood or emotion for the viewer.

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