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For the Gardener, Clay Camp: SOLD OUT!

Time: July 8 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Number of Classes/Day: Monday - Friday
End Date: July 12
Register By: July 6
Ages: 6-10
Venue: May Carter Pottery Studio
Cost: $135

In this week long clay camp for kids ages 6-10, Instructor Lesley Burks will help the children create a planter, a watering can and garden decor.



Instructor: Lesley Burks

Lesley is a Lynchburg local who started pottery classes at the ACOA three years ago in search of a creative outlet. Since then, she has developed an interest in crafting ceramics and has cheerfully participated in classes and volunteer work around the campus.

Growing up I remember always being drawn to the unique dishware that my parents had. I always chose the mismatched pieces like the lone fork with the floral engraving, and the large bowl that was perfect for cereal, even the mug with the wide handle that all your fingers can fit around. Having the opportunity to participate in the pottery studio and learn how to apply those details into something that I create is so special. One of the many things that I find fascinating about ceramics is that the possibilities are endless and there is always more to learn. The community within the studio has elevated my knowledge and skill, everyone is so helpful and supportive. I am excited to share my experience with others as well.



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