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Magnolia Foods – Karen Covey – Photography

Time: June 7 - July 26
Venue: Satellite Exhibits

Through the Lens: The Award-Winning Street Photography of Karen Covey

Karen Covey is a street photographer based in Forest, Virginia. She has won awards in several galleries in Virginia. Karen has been seriously pursuing photography as an art since 2010. Photography fulfills her need to stop things from disappearing. Her goal has always been truthfully documenting the people and places that intersect with her life.

Karen has been able to participate in numerous workshops including our local photography club Blue Ridge Photographic Arts Society (BRPAS). She had the privilege to study under some of the great photographers, David Allen Harvey, Joe McNally, Ira Block, Harvey Stein, Ari Espay, and James Maher.

Her works have been selected for the Academy Center of the Arts juried shows from 2015-2023, Riverview Artspace in Lynchburg Virginia, Lynchburg Art Club and Gallery, and the Bower Center of the Arts in Bedford, Virginia.

Currently, Karen has been concentrating her work on the completion of a book featuring her Amtrak travels from Lynchburg, Virginia to New York City. 

The Venue:

Magnolia Foods is located at 2476 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA

View Magnolia Foods’ hours on their website.

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