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Magnolia Foods – Melinda Arthur – Color Pencil Drawings

Time: January 31 - February 24
Venue: Satellite Exhibits

About the Artist:

Melinda Arthur has been living and creating art in Virginia all her life. She has a passion for animals, creating beautiful life-like portraits of pets, wildlife, and elements of the natural world. She has been working in oils and graphite pencils for many years, and after studying with a renowned botanical artist in New Mexico in 2022 and 2023 she discovered her real strength lay in colored pencils.

Melinda’s Pet Portraits are custom-created artworks from owner-provided photos. The style aims to catch a glimpse, a moment, a look unique to the animal, focusing largely on their eyes and expression along with specific markings and coloration. 

Visit Melinda’s portfolio of over 100 dogs and cats on Facebook pages “Melinda Arthur, Artist” and “Melinda McDaniel Arthur”.

Shop the current exhibit on Artista.Shop

The Venue:

Magnolia Foods is located at 2476 Rivermont Ave, Lynchburg, VA

View Magnolia Foods’ hours on their website.

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