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Take Control of Your Camera

Time: June 18 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Number of Classes/Day: 4 Tuesdays
End Date: July 9
Register By: June 16
Ages: 16+
Venue: Peggy Burruss Art Studio
Cost: $95
Instructor: Bill Booz

This class is for people who would like to be able to use shooting modes other than Auto on their cameras. When you shoot in Auto mode you’re letting the camera make all the decisions, but you are smarter than your camera. In this course you’ll learn not only about the Exposure Triangle (aperture, shutter speed, & ISO) but also how to shoot when, for example, you want to stop action or when you want the background out of focus so the person you’re photographing stands out.

We will spend some time in the classroom learning about the controls on your own camera and, then, in the second half of this first class, we will leave the classroom and hit the streets of Lynchburg to begin practicing what you just learned. You’ll learn to shoot in your camera’s Aperture-Priority Mode and its Shutter-Priority Mode and when you might prefer one over the other. In the remaining three classes we will again meet at a pre-arranged Lynchburg location and spend the entire class on the streets or in parks where you will learn how to shoot in Manual Mode. After seven hours of hands-on shooting, you will have learned how to take full control of your camera!

To take this class you need to have a digital camera that allows you to change aperture and shutter speed. Camera brand does not matter as the concepts we will cover are common to all modern digital cameras that allow full control by the user. You should come to each class with your camera battery fully charged and with a memory card with plenty of free space.

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Instructor: Bill Booz

Bill Booz is a retired educator who lives in Lynchburg and has been teaching folks how to take control of their cameras for almost twenty years. He has been shooting with SLR cameras for fifty-two years and switched to digital in the early 2000s. – @billbooz on Facebook & Instagram

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