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Teamwork Makes the Scene Work

Time: November 6, 2023 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Number of Classes/Day: 6 Mondays
End Date: Dec 11
Register By: Nov 4
Ages: 8-12
Venue: Lippard Room
Cost: $110

In this 4 week course young actors will be taught how to share a stage and a scene. Each day would include team-building exercises and games as well as multiple opportunities of actual scene work where each student would be able to experiment with a variety of scenes as well as characters. Over the course they will experiment with blocking and acting choices to better help their character protrayals, acting partners, and the scene at large. In the final week the students will be cast in to different scenes. On the final day there will be a showcase for family and friends where each cast gets to perform their scene for the audience. Students will need to wear active wear for running and jumping as well as closed toed shoes, running shoes preferred.

Instructor: AJ Pickett

AJ Pickett has over a decade of work in the entertainment industry under his belt, whether that’s in front of or behind the camera, on stage or behind a microphone. As he continues to explore and push forward in his entertainment career AJ also wishes to impart the lessons he’s learned onto the next generation. He hopes to help them find the not only the right path to their own success but in a way that will continue to excite and inspire themselves and those around them.

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