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Gina Louthian-Stanley – “Oblique Intersections”

Time: July 7, 2023 - July 29, 2023
Venue: Up Front Gallery

First Friday, July 7, 5-8 PM

Charcoal and Gouache Drawings & Paintings by Gina Louthian-Stanley of Roanoke, Va. Oblique Intersections Artist Statement: Oblique Intersections are about the forms and forces that shape and influence abstract depictions of the landscape around us. So often we are consumed by the beauty of color, a vibrant Spring, and full leaved Summer followed by a colorful Fall. I am drawn to the Winterscapes where we see the bones, the textures, spaces, value, and patterns solely defining the landscape. These works show the bare land, the textures, the intersecting lines, and the values, which create those spectacular ‘undressed’ landscapes. The works in Oblique Intersections demonstrate the principle that landscape is not merely what we see in the world around us; rather, it is the ascription of values and philosophies to the places we retain in what we also feel in the empty bare spaces. For me, the material choice is also so very important to convey the visual experience of these pieces. For the majority of my work, I chose natural fiber papers (with a deckled edge) along with gouache and charcoal. I created the details using only a nail to ‘draw’ or ‘etch’ lines into the surfaces. After several variations, this technique gave me the raw Earthy effects I was looking for. I have also included some encaustic works in this show. Various techniques in encaustic give me an opportunity to combine printmaking and painting techniques to the surface. As I fuse the encaustic medium with the use of a torch to manipulate the opaque and transparent waxes, the waxes shift and separate giving me visual texture I cannot get any other way. “There is some deep personal distillation of spirit and concept which molds earthly facts into some transcendental emotional and spiritual experience” – Ansel Adams Bio: Gina Louthian-Stanley is a Roanoke, Virginia native. Louthian-Stanley has been creating for as long as she remembers, having the good fortune to have been mentored and taught by some of the finest artists. While she has working with encaustic and cold wax artist since 2006, her most recent works are explorations in combining various mediums and techniques to create the ‘atmospheric and textural’ qualities, which are symbolic to her works. She has been able to assemble bits and pieces of her lifelong inspiration to create her own artistic style. Louthian-Stanley’s works represent the physical and emotional sensations, which carry the viewer into an intimate visual narrative. She has received many artistic honors and awards, has been featured in several publications, and has artworks in corporate and private collections locally, nationally, and internationally. (See her full bio on her website for details.) IG- ginalouthianstanleyartist fb- gina lout

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