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Hill City Slide Presented by United Way of Central Virginia

Time: August 24 - August 25
Cost: $30

Slide down Church Street in Downtown Lynchburg! This slide extends over 700ft between Washington and 12th Streets.

Unlimited 2 Hour Slide: Slide All You Want Within a 2 Hour Time Slot for $30 plus a $5 ticketing fee per person (46” Tall or Taller and 7+)

Slots available from 10am – 8pm on Saturday and 10am – 6pm on Sunday

Sliders must be at least 46″ tall. Children under 46″ tall are admitted free to slide with an adult

Learn more & get tickets at the United Way’s website.


2-Hour Admission: $30*

*Plus taxes and fees

For more information or to purchase tickets to this performance, contact our Bank of the James Ticketing Office at (434) 846-8499. This event is presented by United Way of Central Virginia, Academy Center of the Arts is supporting this event through Ticket Sponsorship.

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Hill City Slide FAQs

When is the event taking place?

Saturday, August 24th from 10am – 8pm and Sunday, August 25th from 10am-6pm.

How much does it cost to participate in this event?

Each shift is $30 plus a $5 convenience fee to participate per person. Sliders must be 46” tall to slide at this event. Sliders 7 years old or under 46” are admitted FREE and must slide with a registered adult. A liability waiver must also be completed at the time of purchase.

Where is this event located in Downtown Lynchburg?

Church Street between the intersections of 12th and Washington Streets.

How much slide time is included in my ticket per person?
Can I bring my own INNER TUBE?

Inner Tube rental is included in your ticket fee, but you can bring your own as long as it fits slide standards. This can be checked at registration.

What do I wear?

Come wearing what you plan to slide in! Dress for hot weather, you will get WET!

Where is check-in located?
Where do I park for this event?

Parking will be made available in several public parking lots surrounding the event and will be listed on our website prior to arriving.

Can I purchase additional timeslots during the event?

All purchases MUST be made online. You may purchase additional time slots day of IF the time slot is not sold out.

Should I arrive early?

We recommend arriving at least 30-60 minutes before your slide time to get checked in. This allows you to use your slide time actually sliding instead of checking in.

What should I bring?
Can I wear shoes on the slide?

We do not allow tennis shoes on our slide. Pool shoes and sandals, however, are permitted; just be sure to keep your feet up and not drag them while going down the slide, as this will slow you down.

Is there an age and height limit to slide?

You must be at least 7 years old and 46″ tall to slide independently. Everyone 46″ and taller is required to purchase a ticket. Anyone less than 46″ tall must ride with an adult and will still need a ticket, but it is free. You’ll choose the free option when you choose your other tickets. We’ll need the names of all attendees in your group who are sliding, and each ticket holder will require a signed waiver, which you will fill out at the time of purchase. Toddlers are not allowed on the slide.

What happens if it rains?

This event is scheduled to proceed regardless of weather conditions. We intend to operate the slide unless severe or inclement weather poses a safety risk to our participants. In the event of severe weather, the slide activities will be temporarily suspended until conditions improve. If adverse weather persists, participants will have the option to join the waves scheduled for the following day, subject to availability.

What's the best way to slide?

Check out the Urban Slide Website for tips!